Date: 9th Mar 2017 @ 10:56pm

Last week we celebrated the start of Lent and began preparing for Easter. At this time lots of people make a lantern promise to do something extra or decide to give something up. Have you made a promise? How is it going?

I am trying very hard to smile and say something kind or positive to someone every single day. When I smile and receive one back it makes me very happy! 😬

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B8 wrote:

I went and put one of the stones in the prayer garden and on the stone was the message 'be kind to every one in school and class ' even the teachers

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B8 wrote:

These are some good things to do in lent

Give something up
Be kind
Care for one another
Look up to God and Jesus
Follow in Jesus's footsteps
Follow the rules and the school motto
Be helpful
Manners (please and thank you)
Look after our school and our lovely gardens/fields
Be patient
Take care with your work
Set a goal spend more time with you family and less on our devices
Take care
Love on another
Don't push or shuff or fight
Involve people instead of leaving them out

Miss P wrote:

A lot of lovely ideas B8! I think if everyone tried to act out even a few of those our school would continue to be a happy place.

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