WWI and Eccleston

Date: 16th Nov 2017 @ 7:44pm

What links does your family have with WWI?

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Eleanor wrote:

I just wondered how they got the Tank into the museum.

Michael wrote:

Oh yeah how did they get the tank inside the Museum

Mrs Mc wrote:

Good question! I hadn't thought about that! When we walked around the back of the museum, I noticed some very big doors - perhaps they used them to get in!

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Eve wrote:

My great granddad fought in wold war 1 and survived . But sadly a couple of years later he died in his sleep.

Sebee wrote:

Me too

Eve wrote:

He had a heart attack 😢

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chloe wrote:

My great great grandfather was in the Navy in WW1. He was a stoker on a destroyer ship.

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Michael wrote:

My great great granddad fought in ww1

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Gmk wrote:

My grandad in the war2 save a girls life from drowning and 20 years later grandad and Nan both went to the wedding and were god parent they became very god friends but in the possess grandad lost his leg fighting in the navy

EHF wrote:

First bit is really kind of your grandad second they were friends so that’s good third not so good I hope he was okay when he got injured 🤕

Mrs McCahey wrote:

This is an amazing story. How wonderful that they became friends.

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Elspeth wrote:

Mrs mccahey this is the only World War One post I could find in wold war one a man called John Hardman batten was the only man buried in Christ church who was in the RAF he was killed while training with10 training squadron he stalled the aircraft 100 feat up in the air he was born and lived in lancs St. Helens my some number great grandad (I don’t know his name ) fought in the war also it’s hard to find this a song called don’t stay in school is important can people watch it

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