Home learning

This is where I will leave learning tasks for you each week.

English and Maths activities will be dated for the start of the week.

Maths has BRONZE and SILVER activities. Most children should be able to access the SILVER tasks; challenging work is included to stretch more able pupils. BRONZE activities are for those children who might need a little extra support with their maths. PLEASE DO NOT SWITCH BETWEEN BRONZE AND SILVER DURING THE COURSE OF THE WEEK. Activities are designed to build upon what has been studied in the previous lesson. 

At some point children might need adult support with their work.

Try and do PE, Maths and English every day. Take time to relax and exercise as much as you can.

Learning tasks will be refreshed each week.

Everybody's home learning situation will be different and some adults might be able to give more support than others. Be realistic about what can be accomplished, especially if you are trying to support several children.


ST HELENS WRITING COMPETITION (see downloads): PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO THE END OF MAY. Year 5, get writing and show St Helens how wonderful you are!

God Bless,

Mrs McCahey


Sing Up at home

Year 5, this your chance to ask Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock your space questions! Don't miss this opportunity!

K sent this beautiful poem to share with us:


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