School Council

The School Council is made up of pupils from all junior classes.  They were elected by their peers:

Year 2: Xavier and Alissa

Year 3:  Robert E and Teddy

Year 4: Daniel B and Myla

Year 5: Daniel L and Isla and Tiana

Year 6:  Aaminah and Evie and Shay

School council members work extremely hard to represent the views of their classmates and to work on whole school projects.  They are intent on making the school as successful and enjoyable as it can be.

Full Governors Meeting-March 2019

The Council did a fantastic job of asking the Governors some challenging questions. The meeting was all minuted officially by a Local Authority representative, each of our Governors had to answer two questions. Our Councillors were absolutely fantastic, I think we may even have some future politicians in waiting. The children were clear and concise with their questions and remained totally calm when the Governors asked them questions. It can be quite intimidating facing a Governing Body, the children impressed the Governors with their confidence, strong sense of pride and belief in St Julie’s.

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