Can penguins live near the equator?

Date: 16th Jun 2017 @ 12:18pm

In Year 1, we have been thinking about the question, 'Can penguins live near the equator?'.

To help with our research, we have created some fantastic displays.  Take a look and see which animals you can spot and what the different environments are like. What else can you find out? 

Click here for some Rainforest facts.

Click here for some Arctic facts.

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HB Wrote wrote:

I liked learning about the rain forest because I learnt so many things. It was grate making a parrot and a monky

for the rain forest.

Mrs Sherman wrote:

Can you find out some amazing Antarctica facts?
Where in the world can penguins survive ?

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Oghosa wrote:

That is a really good science question?

Mrs Sherman wrote:

Thank you. We are enjoying reading a fiction book called Poles Apart.
Can you help us with our non-fiction research?

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B8 wrote:

I don't think they can

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TW wrote:

No because they only like cold places

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