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The children are encouraged at all times to be tidy in their dress and in the care of their belongings. Adherence to the Uniform Policy is essential for maintaining expectations of good behaviour and health and safety regulations.

The school uniform consists of a navy-blue sweatshirt/cardigan with an embroidered school badge, and sky-blue polo shirt (optional embroidered version available). The girls wear grey skirts or pinafores and the boys short or long grey trousers.

The following items of uniform can be ordered on-line at


Choose St Julie’s from the Schools’ drop-down menu and the password is stju9823.

Sweatshirts, Cardigans, Polo shirts, PE t shirts (all with embroidered logo) 

PE shorts: Blue loose shorts - no cycling shorts & no branded/logo shorts,

school T Shirt in the colour of their house/team with school logo, slip on pumps.

Trainers for outdoor use in the juniors.                                               

Also available but not part of the official uniform are reversible fleece/waterproof jackets with St Julie’s embroidered logo.

Touchline Ltd also print the names of the children on all the garments they supply.                                                        

Please use the sew-in name tags for any other school clothes.


Black flat school shoes, not trainers or boots, must be worn for school. Shoes with heels or flimsy sandals are not permitted for health and safety reasons.


Children are not allowed to bring in any expensive item to school e.g. designer watches, bags etc. A watch or Fit Bit can be worn but must not have internet access or photo facility and school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage. Jewellery, unless for cultural reasons, should not be worn for school. Earrings, necklaces, rings and all other forms of jewellery CANNOT be worn in school. If a child is wearing ear-rings or any other form of jewellery they will be asked to remove it for health and safety reasons. If a child is having their ears pierced we advise that this is done at the start of school summer holiday so that the ears are sufficiently healed to enable earrings to be removed for school. If they cannot be removed then they must be covered with tape in school until sufficiently healed.

Long hair must be tied back and no nail varnish is to be worn. Hair accessories should be small and in school colours – blue or black.

Children participating in extra-curricular sport must provide and additional kit specifically for after school club activity.  Children consistently forgetting PE kit will be referred to the Headteacher and a letter will be sent home.

All school staff are responsible for ensuring that children are conforming to the uniform policy. If they are not, in the first instance this will be addressed by school staff. Further non-compliance will be referred to the Headteacher and a letter sent home.

We thank you for supporting the school in maintaining standards and a consistent approach.

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