Cress seed investigation conclusion

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 3:51pm

It’s been a little while since we set up our comparative investigation to see what makes seeds germinate so I thought I would make a little video to show you the results .  If we were in school we would now write them up and compare them to our predictions but maybe you could talk about what we found out with a grown up instead.  You could ask your parents if you could phone up a relative who you can’t see at the moment and tell them what we found out.  Let me know your thoughts about the cress and how they have grown. 

Mrs Kernick

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Alice wrote:

The ones with water but no light grew taller because they were trying to find the light which they need to make food for the plant.

Mrs Kernick wrote:

Thank you for your observations Alice, is this what you predicted might happen?

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Myla wrote:

How did the seeds that had water but no sun grow if they had no light?

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