Friendship Week

Date: 21st Nov 2019 @ 2:46pm

We have recently celebrated our whole school 'Friendship week'. We have talked about how it makes us feel when someone is kind and unkind to us.

What qualities makes a good friend? Have you done anything special for your friend or even a stranger? Has anyone done anything for you? Did you set yourself a secret challenge to make someone smile?

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Fluffy bunny wrote:

I helped my friend at school with her work and this made her smile 😊

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Cola Unicorn wrote:

My BFF has been lovely to me since I was a Baby I have been caring to her as well and she has done for me a kind and caring friendship I set a secret challenge to make someone smile by caring and loving heart every single day.

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Glow girl19 wrote:

Friendship week is all about helping each other and make them feel better if they are a bit sad.

Go girl8899 wrote:

That is so cute.

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