Greenacres Farm

Date: 29th Mar 2019 @ 3:40pm

We had an amazing day at the farm, the sun shone all day and we saw lots of animals and even got to touch some of them. We fed some baby goats, they were just two weeks old, they were really hungry and enjoyed their bottles of milk. We also saw some animals that weren’t quite so cute; tarantulas and hairless rats. Farmer Pete took us for a really bumpy tractor ride. On the fields we saw cows, llamas, horses and goats. Farmer Pete said we were such a good class we could have our photos taken driving his tractor. Have a look at the video of Charlie the talking parrot 😃.

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Jane Matchwick wrote:

Evie had a fantastic day at the farm! Charlie is fantastic 😊

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Mrs B wrote:

I think Charlie the parrot really enjoyed it when we said "Hello" to him altogether! We had a great time counting how many different animals we could find. My favourite was Bovril the owl. Thank you for a lovely trip Reception.

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Elsie Curties wrote:

Elsie had a brilliant day at the farm.

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Karina Woodyer-smith wrote:

We loved the goats and Bovril the owl they where are favourites..... we had lots of fun!!! I&M

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Jennifer Tierney wrote:

Poppy really enjoyed the trip to the farm especially feeding the baby goats 🍼🐐

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Bertie Barrow wrote:

Loved the farm it was the best and Charlie was so funny! My family laughed at the video too.

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Ann-Marie Kivlin wrote:

What a great trip. Thomas (K) really enjoyed it and loves telling us about the animals he saw- especially the highland cow!

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Steph Ramsden wrote:

Love it! Bonnie had a great day thank you can’t wait to go back xxx

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Jacky Ford wrote:

Robert F really enjoyed his trip to the farm and the weather was perfect. His favourite part was the bumpy tractor ride.

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Kathy Yates wrote:

Lily says she loved the farm her favorite animal was Charlie the parrot

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Claire Sherry wrote:

What a fabulous day at the farm! Elizabeth had a great time and thought Charlie parrot was hilarious when he said ‘hello.’ She especially enjoyed feeding the baby goats a bottle of milk.

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Martin Bayliss wrote:

Luca loved Charlie the parrot and had a fantastic day at Greenacres Farm. His favourite part of the day was meeting the baby crocodile.

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robert evans wrote:

it was a lovely day at the farm

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Terri Bellocchi wrote:

Amelia Bellocchi had a wonderful time meeting Charlie at Greenacres farm x

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Nikki (Mia Purcell’s Mum) wrote:

Mia had a brilliant day at the farm. She loved when Charlie said “hello!”

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Clare Brownlow wrote:

Lexi-Mai had a great time at Greenacres with all her friends. She loved Charlie & Bovril. She thought they were very funny.

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