Listening and Sharing

Date: 9th Mar 2017 @ 11:02pm

In Come and See we have been thinking about the theme 'Listening and Sharing'. We have spent this week remembering and reflecting...

Why is it important that we listen and share?

What do you find difficult about listening and sharing?

Do your feelings affect the way that you listen and share?

What joys and difficulties do we get from listening and sharing?

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Sunflower L wrote:

I think listening is important because if you don't listen then you won't know what to do and then you will be ignoring the teacher and then they will be very cross. Sharing is important because if you don't share with others then they won't share with you and then you will end up with no friends to play with. These two things are very important so everyone should be doing these two things everwhere in the world.

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