Maths Stars

Date: 19th Apr 2020 @ 3:15pm

Hope you had a lovely Easter.

Congratulations to everyone who has been a Numbots Star.

Well done to everyone who has used their log in details to complete the home learning tasks on MyMaths. We are very impressed with your excellent scores. Look out for some more challenges this week and let us know what you are learning about.


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Evie wrote:

I am enjoying all the games you have sent to me and i am ahead in numbots. I miss you all.

Mrs Sherman wrote:

Wow E! You are amazing at numbots. I'm so delighted to hear that you are enjoying all the games . You've been working very hard on My Maths and have got excellent scores. Have you tried White Rose Maths? You are a superstar. Keep in touch . I miss you and all your friends too. Hope we can all go back to school soon.

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Luca_B wrote:

Hi Mrs Sherman - I have been doing lots of Maths and I have also been on Picnic on Pluto to learn English too. I have been playing in the garden, walking my dog with my family and I have been baking with my sister and my Mummy. I am missing all of my friends and school very much. I hope you are safe and well, love Luca B xx

Mrs Sherman wrote:

Brilliant news! You are working so hard. I've seen your excellent scores on My Maths and you have won an enormous number of coins on Numbots. You are a marvellous maths star. Have you tried White Rose Maths? I also saw your points on the Oddizzi Class Leader Board, well done . It sounds like you are doing lots of fun learning at home and I hope you and all your family are safe too. I am missing seeing you and all your friends having fun, playing on the field, in the spring sunshine. Hope to see you soon, take care Mrs Sherman xx

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Poppy T wrote:

Hi Mrs Sherman- I have been working on problem solving in maths and learning about 1/2 and 1/4. I am also really enjoying the oddizzi website learning about the uk, the seasons and climate. A new word I have learnt is participation. I have also been baking with my brother zac and my mum and have also made bird feeders.

Mrs Sherman wrote:

This is fantastic news. You are doing lots of marvellous maths and I've seen all your excellent scores on My Maths too. I'm glad you are enjoying the Oddizzi website, have you tried the quiz on weather? You are learning lots of exciting things at home and helping your mummy with Zac. What have you been baking ? I hope some birds have visited your feeder. I'm missing you. You are always ready to help me and your friends . Please keep in touch.

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