St.Helens in the past!

Date: 21st Nov 2019 @ 2:48pm

St. Helens has changed a lot since your grandparents were your age.

What do you know about St. Helens? Why is it important? Do youy know any famous people who lived in St. Helens?

You could talk to your grandparents to find out more!

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blue monkey 11 LK wrote:

Queen Victoria was in St. Helens and she was the Queen when i was not alive .

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ChewyDog25.8.19 wrote:

My grandad use to work at a mine.His name was John.

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Glitter Girl 101 wrote:

In 1899 there was a chemical factory in Peasley Cross in St.Helens. A small fire started in the factory. It made some of the chemicals explode. This destroyed a big part of Peasley Cross including Timothy Lavin's house.He was my great great grandfather.

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promonky wrote:

The griffin is over 483 year’s old 😱😮

Glitter girl 101 wrote:

😱😨😰 lol =)

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Purple monkey wrote:

It is famous for rugby.
It is also very famous for glass.
Glass is made with fire and a very long stick.
Jonny Vegas is a famous comedian.

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Bluegraffe Dream 20 T.M wrote:

Friendship is important because if you was mean to people they will not want to be your friend

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Bluegraffe Dream 20 T.M wrote:

I Think that it is important to learn things from the past in st.Helens

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Penguin 15 red. wrote:

In the past people went to a big hole. When they went in the hole they collected the coal’s and in the truck and when they were out everywhere of their skin was black but when they took the goggles off there was white marks

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Glow girl 19 wrote:

In the past people were less unfortunate than us now because we have schools even though every day in the past there were schools but bad but now they are not as bad and they have more equipment to.

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