Tell me your Christmas Holiday News!

Date: 5th Jan 2018 @ 10:16pm

Happy New Year Everyone!

I would love to hear all your exciting Christmas Holiday News. Leave some details here and I can chat with you about it next week!

See you soon

Mrs Brookes

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Alice wrote:

I had a lovely time and liked all of my presents from Father Christmas. I enjoyed every single part of Christmas with my family. We have played lots of games.

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HB Wrote wrote:

I enjoyed my christmas this year and I loved all of the presents that jolly Farther Cristmas got me this year.

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BR wrote:

this year i got a NEW diary a rianbow diary!!! and i had some yummy gummes i hope you had a nice cristmas

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HazzaKid10 wrote:

I got an iPod touch for Christmas. So I’m doing this on it

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#Hermione Granger is amazing wrote:

I have had an elating Christmas and my favourite present was a fitbit inspire with a rose gold strap. It is excellent although the Fitbit doesn't do my heart rate. I hope you all had a magical Christmas and a very happy new year.🎁

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