The Diary of a Smart Kid

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 3:03pm

Scientists believe that keeping a journal/diary helps us to organise our thoughts; relieves stress; allows us to self-reflect and inspires creativity.  Perhaps you could keep a journal during your "home-schooling".  Remember to include a date and to write in the first person please.  Maybe you could include an extract from your journal in this blog.  It might be the next best seller!

Good luck!

Mrs Clayton.


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avagracee wrote:

Hi Mrs Clayton I have been writing in my diary daily! I miss all of Year 6 I really hope we go back!!

Mrs Clayton wrote:

Hi Ava, it's lovely to hear that you have been keeping a daily diary - it will be very interesting to read it when you are older. I tried to start a diary, but unfortunately I have not managed to write in it very often. Keep writing! We are all missing you too! Mrs Clayton x

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potnoodle01 wrote:

I have done a dairy on the computor but its getting hard to think of stuff to write! i mean i got a special 50p i colect them its a libary one.27/04/2020

Mrs Clayton wrote:

Hi Ava, I'm glad that you have tried to keep a diary. I understand that it is tricky to think of what to write in it... my diary only lasted a couple of days! I must try harder to keep it updated! Keep writing! Hope to see you soon! Mrs Clayton x

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