What do you already know about Ancient Rome?

Date: 10th Jan 2021 @ 8:28pm

Our BIG question for our History topic is:


Tell me anything you already know about Ancient Rome AND what you would like to find out about Ancient Rome in our History topic. 

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Mr Royle wrote:

Remember, only use your first name. I look forward to seeing your answers!

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Isla wrote:

That the Romans once conquered Egypt.

They wanted to take over the world.

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Glow girl 19(charlotte) wrote:

The romans took over Britan but stoped at scotland.
They invented roads ,baths and stone houses with under floor heating.
They went to games were they attack and at the end of the game if you get a thumbs up you will surrvive BUT if you get a thumbs down then you die.
The romans came from Italy and worked upwards when they attacked.
The famous baths they created are most likley to be found in bath the country
They built a wall near scotland to stop the scots coming down to attack them.
When they went out fighting they caught people and brouhgt them back as slaves and made them go out fighting.
The roman Empire was around when Jesus was alive.
One day the roman empire clapsed becaus they didn't have anough soldiers to fight in the legion.

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James wrote:

They built roads out of stones, That conqured England, They built coliseums, They fought lions as a sport. They made clothes out of animal skins.

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Will wrote:

The legend is that Rome was founded by Romulus. The Romans got fed up with their cruel king, Tarquin, and ruled themselves, creating a republic. Rome mostly won battles by using something their enemies didn't, which is their brains.

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Isabella wrote:

I already know that the Ancient Romans created and invented lots of different things. The Romans would also take baths together. They used to ride on Chariots. The language that they spoke was Latin, they were famous for being the best fighters in the world! Also the Romans lived underground!

I would like to find out what they wore, what happened to them, what food did they eat?

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Hollie wrote:

Because of the strength of its army and it was the largest.Their weapons were more advanced.

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Madison wrote:


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Phoebe wrote:

Romulus was the first king. Thay did not use knifes and forks instead they used there hands.

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Mr Royle wrote:

Excellent comments everybody, well done and thank you!

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