What is so important about LISTENING and SHARING?

Date: 4th Mar 2020 @ 4:04pm

What is so important about listening and sharing?

How can we listen effectively?

How can we be a good sharer?


What did you miss when you didn’t listen?

What happens when people don’t listen to you?

How do you feel when you know you are listened to?


Why does the Catholic Christian community (family) come together on a Sunday?

Describe some of the ways the community prepares for the Mass?

What happens during the gathering?

What do you think the words Paul used to greet the early Christian community mean?

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Lulucatlover xxxxx wrote:

If you listen to the teacher you will learn more and get more clever and if listen to your friend they will know you love them

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PikaLover1000 wrote:

It is important to listen and share because if you listen to others sharing ideas you can magpie.

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Harry Potter.Voldemort wrote:

Listening is a little bit hard when i am trying to do something so I try to stop.

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flower blossom bunny wrote:

It is good to listen and share when someone is talking.

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Cola Unicorn wrote:

It is important to LISTEN and SHARE because if you don't LISTEN you won't know what to do and we won't learn and if you don't SHARE you will not get along with anybody.

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