What makes the Earth angry?

Date: 14th Oct 2019 @ 11:49am

What makes the earth angry?

What causes a volcano to erupt and which are the famou volcanoes in the world?

How do volcanoes impact on the lives of the people and why do people chose to live near them?

What causes an earthquake (and tsunami) and how are they measured?

What countires have experienced earthquakes and tsunamis in your life time?

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Bluegraffe Dream power20 T.M wrote:

Earthquake and Tsunami and volcanoes

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promonky wrote:

To make an earthquake you rub two tectonic plates together.

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Chewbaccabanana wrote:

When a plate of the earth rubs together it will make an earthquake and when a plate
crashes together it can make an earthquake.

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Dream Girl#8 wrote:

A volcano erupts when the pressure builds up and it can'thold the magma so the magma goes into the main magma chamber and erupt’s and goes through the creator and turn’s into lava.

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Glow girl 19 wrote:

Volcanoes and earthquakes start happening it shakes the world

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