What signs of Autumn would Percy The Park Keeper see around St Julie's School?

Date: 25th Oct 2017 @ 2:55pm

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely half term.

Can you go out and about with your parent or guardian and look out for signs of Autumn?

Please try to bring your wellingtons into school for next week.

We will be keeping a daily weather chart and measuring the temperature using the thermometer.

I hope Percy the Park Keeper can visit St Julies soon.

Can you think of a question to ask him?


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Mum wrote:

Wow! It was fantastic to see all the lovely pictures from Peter the Park Keeper. Ive loved hearing about the thermometer and how they keep on checking the temperature. We have been on a lovely Autumn walk and it was amazing to hear such knowledge about the deciduous trees and the types of trees. I am really pleased that there is super listening happening too.

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