BIG QUESTION: Why do we need memories?

Date: 24th Feb 2019 @ 7:23am

Are Memories Important?

In our topic, MEMORIAL SACRIFICE, we have share many special memories. Do you think these memories are important? Why?

We watched the video, Wilfrid McDonald Partridge - have another lok at it. What are memories?


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ItzMoxie wrote:

Memories are important because when you feel sad you can remember those memories and it will make you feel better :)

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rugby player lover12341234 wrote:

You need memories to remember things that could be happy or sad. It could be someone, something or even a record you could of set, a challenge you made for yourself and you could of completed it.That is my explanation!

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Joeyboy3590 wrote:

we all need memories to remember lots of fun with family and friends and especially the ones who have passed away and we will always remember them . they'll be in our minds and hearts forever

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Joeyboy3590 wrote:

Good memories are important to us because we can remember the times that we have shared with our families and friends. Lots of my special memories are the ones I've shared with family members who have passed away. I will always carry these memories in my heart and mind, just like our school will remember Governor Mr Markey who recently passed away.

Mrs Mc wrote:

I have lots of wonderful memories of Mr Markey at PGL - these always make me smile when I think of them. I will also carry these very special memories in my heart and mind.

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Sparckleart wrote:

We need memories otherwise we would have nothing to remember or reflect and think about.

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Funnybunny wrote:

Memories are important because they are with you for ever and they are special to you. My memory is my teddy lion because I have had him since I was 3 and use to take him with me every were with me!

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LoftedCoyote6 wrote:

Memories are important because if one of your family members passes away, you need to be able to remember them.

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Gym bunny wrote:

Because you can remember them when your not happy and it will make you smile

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Craft builder wrote:

We need memories so we can remember important things and history

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Pet lover wrote:

Memories are important so you can remember something happy or sad.

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Funkymonkey3585 wrote:

because they remind us of the happy times in life and the sad times make us think it will always get better.

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Bonfire wrote:

Memories are very special. Sometimes sad. Somtimes happy.

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MIMI05 wrote:

If we did not have memories we wouldn’t be who we are today.

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TTVultrararepepe wrote:

Memories are important in life because we all have happy and sad memories

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Faded_Hazman wrote:

memories are important because if you went to an event or holiday you would want to remember it when you are older

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You need memories because it helps us to keep the person or thing in your heart for longer. We have memories to make us feel better and remember the memory.

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