Why make Promises?

Date: 14th Oct 2019 @ 11:51am

We are part way through our Religion topic 'Promises'.

Why make promises?

What groups/clubs do you belong to?

What is good about being in a group/clubs?

Does your group/clubs have promises? If so, what are they and why do you have them?

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Bluegraffe Dream power20 T.M wrote:

Promises are important to make things fair and to experiment this topic

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Cola Unicorn wrote:

I am in a rainbow group and this is our promise ''I promise to think about my beliefs and be kind and helpful"

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Bro man 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 wrote:

It is good to make promises so it keeps you save and it doesn't make the over person worried.

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giraffeblue3 wrote:

It is good to make promises because it's true and they know that it is true so they believe what you are saying.

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promonky wrote:

I am in LEGO club and I make promises because it helps me to stay safe.

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purplemonkek wrote:

Miss Pratt you are every one's best teacher.

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bluepig wrote:

You have to make promises because God is counting on you.

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Superman1234 wrote:

I go beaver scouts and we make promises to love god and stay safe and help others

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Madison wrote:

I promise to be a kind good person at School and Brownies

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Glitter unicorn wrote:

Brownies, I love brownies because you get to make new friends and learn new things.

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Purple monkey wrote:

The club I belong to is Brownies. It is good being in a group to make friends. If you make friends and if you are sad, friends will help you be happy again.

Brownies has a promise to make sure you keep your promise to do your best and to be kind to people.

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Glow girl19 wrote:

Promises are important because they keep us safe from getting hurt and so we can have fun to.It is easy to make promises because you just have to say a few words and sometimes get a badge after you have said your promises.

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Dream girl #8 wrote:

I go to Brownies and we make a promises to keep safe to have fun.

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Blossom Bunny wrote:

We make promises because we are for giving God in heaven.

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