World War One (WW1) and Eccleston

Date: 5th Nov 2020 @ 2:31pm

What links does your family have with WW1?

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Labrador.lover_123 wrote:

My Nana had a great uncle who was killed and missing in action in the battle of Gallipoli age 26, he died on the 10th August in 1915 !

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dxydreaming_dancer10 wrote:

My mum is quarter Polish and one of her granddads was in WWI and her other granddad, Joe, got captured because they thought he was a German, and they tortured him, but when they found out he was Polish, they treated him like a king.

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Bob wrote:

My great grandparents lived in Ireland in WW1. My Mum told me that my Great Grandma lived in Cork, Ireland and all the street lights where turned off when the planes where flying so they couldn't see that it was land.

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gabath wrote:

My great , great grandad was in WW1 !!!!!

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bunny lover wrote:

my great great grandad was in the first wold war and we have his two medals and ration book . I will post a picture of them on teams

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LFC Lover wrote:

My great great uncle Jim was in the Royal Scots Regiment. My Grandad thinks he was a Sargent his job was a stretcher bearer which is like a medic. He didn't like to talk about it.

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DanceLover123 wrote:

My grandads dad served in world war 2, he was a gunner on the artic conveyors taking supplies to Russia

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