Year 1

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 12:33pm

Good Morning everyone,

I hope you have all worked hard with your first week of home learning.

Your home leaning pack should keep you busy this week too and of course there are lots of activities on the web pages that have been suggested for your adults to help you with.

Let us know what other things you have been up to.

Have you been playing in the garden? helping with cooking? creating rainbow pictures for your windows?

Maybe you could make a rainbow picture using the paint programme in Purple Mash?



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💓 B wrote:

I’ve made a jar to put our wishes in when we miss somebody, want to go somewhere, visit people. We write on a post it note and put it in the jar. We will pull it out when the virus goes away.
I’ve made a rainbow and made one for my grandma too. We wave at the window each day to her.
I’ve been helping Mummy in the garden and doing tea. I love chopping all the vegetables up and I eat the peppers!
I’ve been helping with jobs and I love baking.
I love going on purple mash.
We are doing easter crafts this week I’ve made a paper plate bunny 🐰 so far!
I’ve been playing lots in the garden frisbee with music, bat and ball, trampoline, chalking and painting. I’ve chalked a hop scotch too, we have been playing lots of hunt games where mummy calls something out for us to go and find. I liked the inventor hunt the best so far.
I am being a really good girl.

Mrs Andrew wrote:

Wow you have been busy doing lots of different activities, and I'm pleased to hear you are being a really good girl as well as having lots of fun.Keep up the good work!

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robert wrote:

today i made bread with my family it was very fun

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robert Evans wrote:

I have been growing herbs !
we have got basil and coriander.

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