Arts Challenge - Recreate

Look at these amazing recreations of traditional artwork from children at our school!! Why not get involved and send your own version to school for everyone to see below.

This task is one that the whole family can get involved with. You may have seen online that The Getty art gallery in America set an online isolation challenge to recreate traditional artwork in the home using any materials, objects and props you have to hand.

Challenge Instructions:

Step 1: Click the link to the right or search 100 most famous painting in a google search. Select a work of art you would like to recreate.

Step 2: Begin to search the house for colours, textures, lighting and objects that are found in your artwork. You can use ANYTHING!

Step 3: Think about composition, poses, angels and framing to match your recreation to the original artwork.

Step 4: Post your recreated photograph along with a copy of the original with its artists name and title to Twitter using @CulturedSTH #recreate

Step 5: Have as much fun as possible and enjoy the art together.

For famous paintings, click here -> Top 100 paintings

For poster of ideas, click here-> Art Challenge Recreate

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