Were the Vikings vicious or victorious?

In DT we will be making a viking longboat - for this you will need to bring in to class shoe boxes?

Could you be the next Nintendo Aprentice?

Roll up, roll up for the most addictive game at the fair!

   Check out this awesome 'Beat the Buzzer' game! 

    Can your team design, make and evaluate your   own version using our science investigations on electricity? 

Who will you make it for?  What will it look like? What components you need?  



To be or not to be?

Shakespeare is reputedly the most famous playwright in the world.  It's time to use our creativity to immortalise your favourite Shakespeare scene in a diorama! 

You will need:

A playscript of your favourite scene

A design of the scene setting

Resources: shoebox, paint, scissors, sugar paper, glue, cardboard

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