In Year 1 our geography work begins with a place the children are familiar with, our school.  We look at features that can be found around the school and how these can be shown and seen on maps.  We then move further afield and take a look at human and physical features that can be found in Eccleston, and the different types of housing that can be found around out school.  From here we go further again and take a look at how Eccleston fits into the United Kingdom.  We learn about the the four nations of the Untied Kingdom and use different maps (both paper and computer based) to find out more about the places we look at.

Finally, we move our learning to the wider world and find out about where the UK fits on the world map.  From here we look at the weather and how it impacts on the lives of people.  This links well with our science topic about Seasonal Changes.


Below you can find the Knowledge Oraganisers for each of our geogrpahy topics.

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