Oddizzi Geography

Date: 11th May 2020 @ 4:46pm

The  Umbuzo Quiz on the Oddizzi Website

Umbuzo is a fun geography quiz at Oddizzi. Umbuzo is the Zulu word for question.

You can log in to Oddizzi, with your class user name and password. This was sent to your parent or carer by a text message.

Link to Oddizzi

It is a good idea to read Oddizzi’s pages before you attempt a quiz. This will help you to get your best score. For example: take the Rainforests Quiz after reading some of the Oddizzi’s Rainforest pages, these are found within Ecosystems.

At the end of each quiz, check out the ‘useful pages’ links that flash up with the score. They’ll help you to do even better next time.

When you take a quiz, you compete for a place on the class leader board.

Who will have the most stars in your class?

Who will be the class with the most stars?

 Each Thursday we will look to see how many stars have been gained for each class during that week.

Let us know what you enjoy about Oddizzi. Look out for the short film clips that help you to find out about different places .

Which is your favourite city or country? Why?

What are the physical and human features of that place?

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