Living our Faith - Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus


Our Gospel Values are at the heart of all that we do; this is reflected in our day-to-day life at St Julie.

This page provides a glimpse into the life of our school family as we journey in the footsteps of Jesus.

Please look at the other tabs on the RE page to gain a fuller picture of our faith journey at St Julie's.

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Live Simply


We are delighted to announce that St Julie's has received the CAFOD 'Live Simply' Award. This is a reflection of the school's desire to protect our planet and the people on it. The Award reflects the commitment of the school community to live:

  • Simply
  • In solidarity
  • Sustainably with creation

This is the link to the Cafod Live Simply Website, where you will find much more information.

The award is closely linked to the Pope's Laudato Si letter. You can watch the animated version for children here:


This is the link to the award song. Have a listen!


How can you 'Live Simply'

 Please keep a close eye on the school bulletin - this will keep you updated with our campaign in school and how you can help at home.

The following links will be updated throughout the year as we move forward in our Live Simply campaign.

  • Live Simply this Lent. Can you pledge to 'Live Simply' during Lent? Take a look at some of the suggestions below in the the 'Live Simply for Lent' download. Also, please take a look at our LENT page to see how else you can celebrate this special season at home.
  • Reduce meat consumption. Take a look at the link for some helathy meat-free packed lunches. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE ARE A NUT FREE SCHOOL.  
  • Shop locally. Support local smal businesses and reduce transportation! Help to build your local community!
  • Fairtrade. Could you swap one or two of your regular purchases for a Fair Trade item? These goods ensure that producers gain a fair price for their labour and support poorer communities around the world.
  • CAFOD World gifts. If you would like to buy a small gift that can make a huge difference, take a look at


Mini Vinnies

‘Mini Vinnies’ is the junior branch of the St Vincent De Paul Society (SVP) - a long-established Catholic charity with the aim of supporting those in need.

Mini Vinnies are children aged between 7 to 11 (or younger) who are encouraged to embark on their first steps as possible ‘Vincentians for life’. 

The children give up their own time once a week to organise fundraising or support for the community, working on a local, national and global level for a variety of causes. They decide how and who they would like to donate to.

As Mini Vinnies, the children have their own ‘treasured’ Prayer, Pledge and Badge, a dedicated website and a range of bright and colourful documents which guide them in their formative steps – helping and enabling them to become in every sense,  ‘Mini Vinnies’.

Click the link to listen to the 'Mini Vinnies' song:

Mini Vinnies Website – see what it’s all about


Mini Vinnies | St Josephs Wetherby


Faith in Action – Animate Youth


Faith In Action

At St Julie's we have participated in Faith In Action for many years. The award allows school and the Church to celebrate, recognize and reward all that our children already give to the Church but it also challenges them to deepen their relationship with God and change the world in which they live.The award is aimed at children in Y6.There are four different levels of award: Pin (KS2), Bronze, Silver and Gold. For this reason it has been described as a ‘Catholic Duke of Edinburgh’

Throughout Y6, pupils are given the opportunity to reflect on their faith journey and the opportunities they have had to live their faith. The end of the programme has culminated in a retreat at Lowe House.

In previous years pupils have:

'Buddied' Reception children, supporting them during church events and in school

Worked as altar servers

Worked as class, 'Worship Welcomers'

Prepared celebration events for grandparents/ elderly in our community

Helped to prepare masses

Supported Harvest festival preparations

Contributed to a wide range of fundraising activities


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