Worship in class and school

We place Christ at the centre of all we do and therefore Worship is crucial in helping children to develop a relationship with Christ and in coming to know Him better.


We provide a wide range of prayer styles and opportunites;  all pupils and staff are invited to participate:

Class Collective Worship

Key Stage assemblies

Whole school assemblies

School masses and services

Class masses

Rosary group

Private prayer


Prayer Themes

Each week prayer themes and Bible readings are shared throughout school. You can share in our worship at home - the themes for each term are outlined in the document below.

Worship Welcomers                                                                      


Worship Welcomers are pupils who have volunteered to lead our school by following in the footsteps of Jesus. Being a member of the WW Team is a challenging but very rewarding task. Here are just a few of the things that you can find them doing in school:

  • supporting school assemblies with prayer and drama
  • bringing new ideas to teachers to make our faith 'come alive'
  • performing role plays to help other pupils to understand Bible stories
  • leading/ supporting class Collective Worship

Y6 Prayer Buddies

At the beginning of the year, Y6 pupils partner with a Reception child. During the year, Y6s support their young friends at mass and services - showing them what to do and modelling outstanding behaviour. In addition, they meet up during term time and share faith books and prayer time together. This is a magical time when children can share their thoughts in a very special way.

Rosary Group

Rosary Group is held during October and May, and sometimes by popular demand!  All Key Stage 2 children are invited to join us on Friday lunchtime in the Year 5 classroom.

Don't worry if you do not have your own rosary beads  - we have plenty to share.

When the weather is good, we go outside to our new prayer garden, where we pray our 'rosary walk' around the statue of Our Lady.

Come and join us and make your own rosary ring. Learn the special stories and prayers of the rosary.

Click on the pictures below. You could:

  • make a lego rosary
  • make a rosary ring
  • colour rosary pictures
  • learn the stories of one of the Mysteries

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