Summer Half Term Holiday

Date: 31st May 2020 @ 3:00pm

Hi Year One,

It seems such a long time since we all saw you and we would love to hear your news.

I’ve been out and about on lots of walks around my local area.  

This morning it was bright and sunny and I strolled to Victoria Park to see the ducks on the lovely lake. First I remembered to read the sign because I wanted to learn about the right healthy food to feed them next time I come to the park. I found out that they like birdseed, peas, corn, oats, lettuce, cooked rice and grapes. Then I learnt that bread makes ducks ill and does not contain the right nutrients for them  and it also pollutes the water. After that I saw lots of friendly mallards, drakes and an elegant moor hen perched on a log, near the edge of the lake. Then a curious goose came out of the lake to say hello.  What a beautiful day!

Hope you and your family are keeping safe in the sunshine.

What have you enjoyed doing?


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