Useful Websites

Under this tab you will find some useful websites to support the children's learning in a variety of curriculum areas.


Bug Club (login required)

The children should complete two of their allocated Bug Club Books each week to support their development of reading using phonics.


Oddizzi (Login required)

Oddizzi is a brilliant reading and geography website.


Phonics Play

This website has a range of games to support the children's phonic development at different phases.


My Maths (login required)

Homework set on TEAMS  will sometimes direct the children to complete a tast on the My Maths Website. 


Purple Mash (login required)

This website has lots of activities to support the children's learning across a range of curriculum areas.


BBC Bitesize

This website has loads of fantastic resources, information and videos to support the children's learning all curriculum areas.




This website has lots of maths games that can be used to reinforce the work that we do in school.  There are three age categories and we would suggest the children use the ones aimed at 5-7 year olds.  We use many of these games in school tacross KS1 o support our teaching and learning.


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